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At Ericsson you’ll have a unique opportunity. The chance to use your skills and imagination to push the boundaries of what’s possible. To create never-seen-before solutions to some of the world’s toughest problems. You’ll be challenged. But you won’t be alone. You’ll be part of a team of like-minded innovators, all driven to go beyond the status quo to build what comes next. You’ll collaborate across disciplines, borders and continents. You’ll be empowered to lead and perform at your best. You’ll shape technology for people, societies, industries and humanity. You’ll be part of a diverse community where you can bring your own perfectly-unique self to work. At Ericsson you can be an explorer, a change maker and a force for good. Imagine a better, brighter tomorrow. You can be the one who makes it possible. Summer Internships ads are now open! Apply at https://jobs.ericsson.com/careers

If you are interested in the cross section between control theory and machine learning, motivated by energy savings in large industrial processes, and love solving the really challenging technical problems. Come talk to us! We specialize in delivering leading-edge Industrial AI solutions specifically tailored for the mining industry, representing a new era of process optimization. Our approach is marked by remarkable advancements in performance, sustainability, and efficiency. At our core, we leverage state-of-the-art AI to address the intricate challenges of process optimization within mining operations. Our expertise shines in managing complex, nonlinear interactions among numerous variables and trade-offs inherent to mining processes. Empowering mining operators is our primary focus , providing guidance and AI-assisted decision-making. Excitingly, we have recently become a part of The Weir Group PLC, a global leader in mining technology. This strategic acquisition aligns with our commitment to helping mining industries operate with the highest productivity and lowest environmental impact.
Our Socials Website: https://sentian.ai Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/@sentianai9133 LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/15157579/admin/feed/posts/

NanoLund: The place to do Nanoscience and prepare for an carrier in academia or industry
NanoLund is Sweden’s largest research environment for interdisciplinary Nanoscience and nanotechnology. We are an international, highly visible nanoscience center that offers exceptional scientific opportunities, training, and career development. We do this through a strong culture of openness and by offering access to an incredibly wide range of capabilities within characterization, fabrication and modelling.

NanoLund is built on a high degree of collaboration between research groups that span multiple disciplines. NanoLund will remain at the forefront of pioneering new research directions and contributing to high-quality Nanoscience and Nanotechnology at the international level. As a center NanoLund aspires to be an open and creative environment that encourages collaboration, mutual inspiration and support, the sharing of knowledge, and an open attitude and that offers ideal opportunities for education and career development.

The 130 PhD students form 1/3 of NanoLund and are employed in engineering, natural sciences, and medicine. As a PhD student you will be embedded in an active research topic and trained in state-of-the-art technology and methods. As a PhD you will receive training in general research as well as leadership skills, get an introduction to our wide range of networks, and gain access to our mentorship program. After the PhD you continue in science or change to industry using the networks to find otherwise closed positions. A PhD with us opens many doors is much more than “just” another degree, it is the start of a career.

Vi är utmanaren. Detta ska vi vara genom unika relationer, framstående beslutsförmåga och kostnadseffektivitet. Vårt viktigaste löfte till marknaden är att vi ska vara enkla att ha att göra med, kommersiellt attraktiva och att lita på. Vår personalidé är att rekrytera, utveckla & behålla rätt människor och rätt människor för oss är personer som efterlever vår prestationskultur.

Protector erbjuder skadeförsäkringar till stora och medelstora företagskunder samt offentlig sektor i Sverige, Norge, Danmark, Finland och Storbritannien.

IAESTE erbjuder kvalificerad och betald praktik i runt 80 länder – i första hand för teknologer, naturvetare och arkitekter, men även för exempelvis ekonomer. Våra praktikutbyten ger dig möjligheter till nya värdefulla erfarenheter, minnen för livet och kommer att stärka ditt CV!

Platserna kan vara allt från 2 till 18 månader långa – du erbjuds alltså både goda möjligheter till kortare sommarpraktik och längre utbyten över en termin eller mer. Det är även möjligt att kombinera IAESTE-praktik med examensjobb – så länge programansvarig på din högskola ger sitt godkännande.

Genom IAESTE Sveriges 5 lokala kommittéer bidrar vi till internationellt utbyte och en rikare studentgemenskap på våra lärosäten. Välkommen att engagera dig! Det är alltid mycket på gång och du får möjlighet att umgås med praktikanter från hela världen. Du får värdefull erfarenhet av att arbeta i en ideell organisation och att kommunicera med arbetsgivare.

Lunds lasercentrum (LLC, www.llc.lu.se) är en organisation för tvärvetenskaplig forskning inom optik, spektroskopi och lasrar vid Lund universitet. Vid LLC finns över 300 lasersystem fördelade på över 30 forskningslaboratorier som används av ca. 200 forskare vid LTH, Naturvetenskapliga och Medicinska fakulteten. Nästan hälften av dessa är doktorander och examensarbetare, och vid LLC:s avdelningar finns stora möjligheter för dig som är intresserad av att göra ditt examensarbete eller doktorera inom såväl grundforskning som tillämpad forskning som använder modern laserteknik.

Hitachi Energy is a global leader in power technologies and our mission is to advance a sustainable energy future for all. We work towards providing accessible energy with minimum environmental impact. As an international company, we currently have colleagues from 149 countries working with us. We are present in over 90 countries around the world and have approximately 40,000 employees globally, of which 5,200 employees are in Sweden (3,400 work in Ludvika).

Check out our career page: https://www.hitachienergy.com/careers (english) or https://www.hitachienergy.com/se/sv/careers (swedish)

Jane Street is a quantitative trading firm with offices in New York, London, Hong Kong, and Singapore. We hire smart, humble people who love to solve problems, build systems, and test theories. You’ll learn something new every day in our office—whether it’s connecting with a colleague to share perspectives, or participating in a talk, class, or game night. Our success is driven by our people and we never stop improving. We offer summer internships, graduate roles, and insight programs in Quantitative Trading, Quantitative Research, Software Engineering, Strategy & Product, and more!

Axis is the industry leader in video surveillance, we develop and supply innovative network solutions that improve security and business performance. We were founded in 1984 and our headquarters are in Lund, Sweden. We are around 4,500 employees in over 50 countries. We provide network solutions in video surveillance, access control, intercom, and audio systems. They are enhanced by intelligent analytics applications and supported by high-quality training. Customers across the world use our solutions to protect people and property and improve business performance.

If you believe that creativity, commitment, and technology can change the world, then Axis is the place for you. We‘ll give you the opportunities and the support to explore your ideas and turn them into reality. In return, you’ll help us make the world a smarter, safer place. You get to work closely with a diverse team, to both create and use leading-edge technology. Axis is also a place to grow – you’ll get opportunities to develop as a professional and as an individual.

We are looking for students or recently graduated people who are interested in software, programming, encryption, design, AI, machine learning and much more. Find more at www.axis.com/student.

We give people confidence today to shape their tomorrow
Insurance is a vital part of a well-functioning and evolving society. We make sure our customers are correctly insured and feel confident enough to face risks and build for the future. When something happens, we help them rebuild and recover. We are there both at defining moments and for everyday matters. Our actions today have a big impact on our customers’ future lives and businesses.
Our employees are the key to our success. Therefore, we recruit the best candidates, focus on good leadership, invest in continuous competence and team development, promote innovation and have fun together. If you are passionate and committed, you have every opportunity to create a bright future here at If.
At If you will join many analyst and actuary colleagues with quantitative backgrounds in engineering, mathematics and physics, and work towards finding the best solutions for our customers through data driven analytics and risk modelling.
We are looking for students who wants to join us in solving real-world business problems using statistical modelling, coding, and close collaboration through our Summer Internship, Trainee Programme, Full Time- and Master Thesis positions.

Triathlon Group is a leading management consultancy firm, addressing management issues, delivering distinctive substantial value to our clients by combining innovation and specific expertise. At Triathlon, we work in the intersection between technology and business in close collaboration with both innovative startups and larger established companies.

Our assignments cover client’s key functions such as product development, manufacturing, purchasing, and after market, as well as support functions like finance, IT, and quality. We preferably work in teams together with client personnel so that we transfer our knowledge to the client organization.

Triathlon was founded in 1994 with the aim of building a true partners owned management consultancy that would serve client’s needs for value enhancement. Since the start, Triathlon has developed a firm conviction that knowledge is the one sure source of lasting competitive advantage for today’s companies. Triathlon’s commitment to excellence has enabled our firm to flourish and grow rapidly. We are now recruiting for the entry position as Management Consultant with start during spring/autumn 2024. If you are an ambitious high performer looking to make a difference you could be the one that we are looking for.

We at d-fine are over 1500 colleagues with backgrounds mainly in mathematics and physics. By combining our quantitative background, IT expertise and a strong understanding of our clients’ business, we support our customers in solving their challenges using analytics as well as in developing future-proof technological solutions. d-fine has offices in seven European countries, including our office in Stockholm since early 2023 and we support companies in all major industries across Europe.

We are looking for students and soon-to-be graduates on the Master or PhD level in highly quantitative fields with dedication to the quality of their work. Meet us at our booth to learn more about the opportunities we offer you as a consultant with us – challenging projects, positive company culture, continuous education programs (e.g. MBA), regular conferences, and much more. At d-fine, it's not about elbows, it's about excellent results, teamwork, and genuine knowledge. We are looking forward to meeting you!

Institutionen för Reglerteknik grundades 1965 av Karl Johan Åström och har idag ca 55 anställda. Vi ger grund- och avancerade kurser för nästan alla program på LTH, men vår huvudsakliga syssla är forskning inom storskaliga system och maskininlärning, autonoma realtidssystem och innovativa reglertillämpningar. Varje år rekryterar vi ca 4–5 nya doktorander, varav majoriteten har läst F- eller Pi-programmet på LTH.
Vi erbjuder även duktiga teknologer möjligheten att arbeta som labb- eller övningsledare.


FARAD är F-sektionen på Lunds Tekniska Högskolas årliga mässa och riktar sig till studenter på följande program:

Teknisk Fysik
Teknisk Matematik
Teknisk Nanovetenskap


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